High quality

It's all in our hands

Welcome at tropical plant nursery VDA Plant. Since 1969 we grow tropical pot plants, which we sell both nationally and internationally. We grow young plants in our own, sustainable nursery in Costa Rica, perfect our plants in our greenhouses in the Netherlands and then deliver the plants to partners throughout Europe. Import, propagation and sales: It’s all in our hands!

From cutting to houseplant

Our plants are carefully selected and grown.

Step 1

Growing in South America

We select the cuttings from our mother plants with great care. The cuttings are grown into strong plants and then shipped to the Netherlands.

Step 2

Perfection in your own greenhouse

In the Netherlands the plants are potted and further cultivated by our cultivation specialists. The plants are kept for 8 to 35 weeks in one of our nurseries in Westland.

Step 3

Delivery to your living room

After growing in the Netherlands, the plants are ready to go to the consumer. Through our network we can deliver the plants as fast and sustainable as possible to the consumer.


We go for sustainability!

We not only take good care of our plants, but also the environment. We use energy as sparingly as possible. Our products are largely grown in the country of origin where the sun provides the energy. Click below to read more about sustainable growing processes.