Where it began

Breeding for almost 50 years

From growing flowers and vegetables in the past, we started importing plants from Central America and Asia 40 years ago. From 1969 VDA Plant started trading in imported young plants, which were sent directly to various growers at home and abroad.

In 2000 we started to cultivate these plants ourselves. This resulted in a shorter chain, a lower cost price for our customers and more transparency. Since then, the entire process from product development to sales has been in our hands.

Our story

The history of VDA Plant in a nutshell


Start company Akker

Which then focuses mainly on the import of plants. Products are purchased in Guatemala and delivered to growers in the Netherlands. Through trial and error we learn the processes of importing and growing.


Expanding product range

The production of the yucca has been strongly developed in recent years in cooperation with the supplier in Guatemala. The assortment is also being expanded to include the Dracaena Massangeana.


Imports from new countries

Imports of Dracaena Marginata and Bicolor, among others, are started from Costa Rica and Honduras.


Imports from Dominican Republic

In this year, we started importing turned Ficus from the Dominican Republic.


Import from Salvador

In this year, Akker’s product range is expanded to include the import of the Areca (gold palm) from Salvador.


Import from China

Akker starts importing from China. The fan palm, ficus ginseng, Cycas and various orchids are added to the assortment.


Everything in your own hands

The import of products for third parties stops and the breeding of plants is taken into our own hands under the name VDA Plant. Since then the import, breeding and sales of the Areca, Dracaena and Yucca are in our own hands.


Start of production Costa Rica

VDA Plant starts growing Dracaena Marginata, among others, on its own forty-hectare nursery in Costa Rica: El Futuro. Read more about El Futuro here.


Current situation

In our current situation we have fourteen hectares in the Netherlands (divided over several locations) and forty hectares in Costa Rica. The focus is on four products (Areca, Dracaena, Dracaena Massangeana and Yucca) but we are also developing several new products for the future.

Current situation

14 ha in the Netherlands
40 ha in Costa Rica