VDA Plant

Tropical plant nursery

VDA Plant started as an import and export company of young plant material from outside Europe. At that time, most products came from Asia and Central America. In 2008 we switched to our own brand VDA Plant. Since then we have been growing the products ourselves in our greenhouse in the Netherlands. Since then, we have been buying the plant material where the products come from, thereby removing a number of links between the chain.


Get to know our team

We like to invest in the relationship with our customers. Our team is therefore always ready to help you, but also to spar about ideas and for example efficiency in the entire process. Would you like a tour of one of our nurseries or more information about our products or working methods? Get in touch with us!

Director & Sales

Cees van den Akker


John van den Akker

Sales Manager

William Fransen

Import - Export Coordinator

Stephanie Munter

Controller & Finance

Patrick van der Wilk

Assistent Controller

Daniëlle van Rooy

Cultivation Manager

Arie Herbert

Sales Department

Roksana Manowska

Sales Department

Simone Hoogenboom

Sales & Online

Jens Berkhout

Location Manager Burgerweg

Björn van de Plas