Costa Rica

Nursery El Futuro

El Futuro is our own 40 ha. nursery in Costa Rica. Here the Dracaena Marginata & Bicolor, Cocos Palm, Tyco Palm and Cycas are grown. When they are big enough the plants are shipped to the Netherlands.

El Futuro is an automated nursery that is ahead of almost all nurseries in the area. Thanks to this nursery we can guarantee a higher life expectancy for our plants. Besides a better life guarantee we can also invest in the quality of the plants we import. In this way we can provide our customers with good quality plants, but also make concrete agreements about delivery times and quantities.


Our susatainable breeding process

El Futuro is MPS-A+ certified, this means that our plantation has the highest sustainability rating and our plants are grown in the most sustainable way possible. We invest in solar panels to provide the plantation with a natural source of energy.

The company is one of the most modern in the region and provides many jobs for the local population.